The Garden Centre

Welcome to our Garden Centre where you can find not only the flowers, herbs and vegetable you want to plant in your garden but also our freshly picked produce when it’s in season.

The Garden Centre is open from Monday to Wednesday and Friday and Saturday  from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. starting on Tuesday, July 2, 2024

On Thursdays you will find us at the Innisfil Farmer’s Market




7-AwardJust to let you know we won the Retail  Business of the Year Award in 2015

Garden Centre

The Retail House in the Garden Centre has many advantages. It provides  a much roomier, customer friendly atmosphere as well as being wheelchair accessible. The benches are higher making it easier to choose plant material. We can now showcase plants together to help customers with garden design choices.

DSC02345The Retail House is heated which will allow us to sell more garden accessories that are in weather sensitive packaging and we will be able to open earlier in the season.




Making sure the prices are correct!

DSC02421Ready to serve our customers!

Annuals galore.

Our love of gardening has helped us choose an intriguing assortment of plants that changes throughout the season. We also offer around 150 varieties of herbs that can be used for culinary, fragrant and decorative purposes.

Besides the many plants, our Garden Centre carries an assortment of gardening essentials: seed, soil, organic fertilizers, mulch and non-chemical  pest control solutions. We are also promoting a water-conserving sprinkler system.

We stock a distinctive selection of decorative baskets and pots, urns and obelisks, bird feeders and plaques. 

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