Spring Crop

In early spring we transplant the seedlings into flats

Sonia and Gaynor in full flight!

As the greenhouses  get filled up with the annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables plants – including heirloom and gourmet tomato varieties – the plants get carted to the appropriate greenhouses – or as they are nicknamed: plastic 1, plastic 2 etc.

You can see our famous kale in the upper right hand corner.

Just about done in this greenhouse

And then the watering begins.

We are sensitive to our impact on the environment so for the past three years we’ve been using  biological controls on the pests in the greenhouse. This has greatly reduced the necessity of spraying chemicals for both the control of pests and fungus – and as you know we are not allowing anybody to enter the greenhouses during the growing season – except for the Spring Preview Open House in the beginning of May.

Here Andrew is pushing a load of flowers to be shipped out.

In our 25.000 sq. feet of production area we produce spring annuals, herbs, perennials and vegetable plants in pots and flats; and spring annuals/combinations in hanging baskets. With this product, we supply several garden centres, landscapers, cemeteries and resorts (Deerhurst Inn) on a wholesale basis.

On to the ramp.

This is how the load is secured for the ride.

We are affiliated with:

Simcoe County Farm Fresh Association.

OGVG – Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers.


Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario

Closeup of a beautiful pansy

A nice selection of spring baskets



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