Formal Herb Garden

Formal herb gardens are geometric, usually subdivided by paths or dwarf hedges into symmetrical compartments such as those in France, except on a much smaller scale and with plants in the compartments rather than gravel. The overall aim in this type of garden is to create a pattern. A potager, an ornamental, formal garden in which herbs mingle with fruit and vegetables, is a good way to make use of small spaces.

Please note that due to our concentration on vegetable production and attending Farmers’ Markets through to the fall, the herb garden is no longer available to public tours.

During the season we offer around 150 varieties of herbs that can be used for culinary, fragrant and decorative purposes.

If you see Stephen working in the garden – you can always ask him to explain gardening techniques and answer specific questions

The colour scheme is another unifying element that adds to the formality. It makes use of complementary colours.

A couple of chairs in the garden invites you to just sit down and enjoy.

Many gardeners like to put a garden ornament in the center of their herb gardens, like a bird bath, either as a bath or as a planter. Another popular feature is placing a sun dial in a small center bed and surrounding it with thyme plants. Whimsy is permitted in a formal garden.

We have chosen an Armilliary sphere for our focal point.

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