Spanish Onions

We only grow our Spanish onions (the Kelsae Sweet Giants) in cell packs for you to grow in your own garden – but the photos and text below will show you what to do.

Since 2010 we have given the member of Gilford & District Horticultural Society, who grows the largest onion a Gift Certificate of $50 and since 2012 we have also added an award.

In 2014 Mario Rea produced the winning onion it weighed in a 1310 grams

You can grow your onions in a raised bed

or in 2 gallon pots.

as you can see, they get pretty big – do remember to bend the top over approx. a week before you are going to harvest the onions – that way the juices stay in the onion. Curing the onions like this will also make them last longer.

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