Our English cucumbers are grown in the greenhouses in the summer

After the soil have been tilled the plants get distributed

It doesn’t take long before they reach this size and the job of winding the plants clockwise around the twine extended from the ceiling have already begun.

1-IMG_0324This looks like a good size.

These guys are now ready to be picked

By the way we are one of the last growers to produce greenhouse English cucumbers planted in the ground as opposed to hydroponically.

3-IMG_0329These cucumbers have been wrapped in plastic and will soon be on their way to the Ontario Food Terminal

2-IMG_0327We also grow mini gourmet cucumbers and – as it says on the label – no need to peel just wash and enjoy.

Cucumbers galore – ready to be shipped

Cucumbers don’t quit – they keep growing – up to 16 feet or better – so Andrew now has to use a stepladder to get to them.

See the sachet – in the upper right hand corner – it contains the biological controls for the pests in the greenhouse.

One of the requirements of growing English cucumbers is to pass a Food Safety Audit – we have scored Gold Standard since 2012.

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