Innisfil Farmers’ Market

As of Thursday, July 14, 2022 the Innisfil Farmer’s Market has re-located to the Stroud Arena, 7883 Yonge Street, Innisfil. The Market will close on October 7th 2023 for the season

The Garden Centre will only be open  Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning the week of October 9th until December 23rd, 2023



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Innisfil Farmers’ Market4-Innisfil MarketPeppers, tomatoes and onions – everything you could wish for and oh so fresh!

3-InnisfilCorn galore
1-Beet HarvestBeet harvest

IMG_0321In 2013 we moved to west side of the parking lot – and it looks like we are here to stay.

IMG_0362Our customers come in all shapes and sizes.

IMG_0390Shopping is brisk on this Thursday in August 2014.

IMG_0389The vegetables at the Market are picked the day of – you can’t get it any fresher than that!


IMG_0392A look down the center of the Market.

IMG_0035We are now at the end of August and have added some of the later ripening vegetables.

IMG_0036and here we have corn and salad bowls added to the mix.


DSC02412This is the 2012 set up with new truck, tents and signage.

DSC02414Lots of vegetables, herbs,  jams and jellies for sale.

Herbs, salad bowls, dill and everything else  – absolutely fresh – can be purchased at the Lakeview Gardens’ booth. Rosemarie at the stand talking to a customer.

Lots of vegetables for sale. By the way our jams and jellies are infused with our homegrown herbs .

Another day at the market

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